Friday, November 10, 2006

Quiz Scandal!

Last night's CAF Pub Quiz was a big success, thanks to all who came out to play and help out for a good cause. And, yes, as the Tippler pointed out last night and again today on his blog, it was Little Jimmy Osmond, not Donny, who sang "Long Haired Lover from Liverpool"... I didn't write the question, but still I should have remembered the Brits' fondness for American novelty acts...

Proof below:

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Tippler said...

I have a confession. 'Long-Haired Lover From Liverpool' was the first record I ever bought with my own pocket money.

Then I inadvertently scratched it.

And, guess what, I went out and bought it again.

So, at one point, I had two copies of this absolutely appalling song and I fear I have to carry a certain amount of responsibility for it getting to Number One in the UK.

I would like to take this opportunity to aplogise. To everybody.

I can assure you that I'll never do it again.