Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How to Build a Laser Gun -- The Latest!

The laser-gun conspiracy I've written about before continues to spread. Every day I get more hits on this website from people around the world looking for information on how to build a laser gun.

Today, persons unknown in Iran, Turkey and Colorado all typed the words "build a laser gun" into Google and then linked to my site. I'm not sure which scares me the most.

Here's the proof, courtesy of Site Meter:

Domain Name (Unknown)
IP Address 85.185.64.# (Shabeke Gostar Company ,Internet Service Provider)
ISP Telecommunication Company of Iran (TCI)
Location Continent : Asia
Country : Iran, Islamic Republic of (Facts)
State/Region : Hamadan
City : Gostar
Lat/Long : 35.4667, 48.8833 (Map)

Language Farsi
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 7.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727)
Javascript version 1.3
Monitor Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 32 bits

Time of Visit Oct 18 2006 6:01:30 am
Last Page View Oct 18 2006 6:01:30 am
Visit Length 0 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL laser gun
Search Engine
Search Words build laser gun
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Time Zone UTC+2:00
Visitor's Time Oct 18 2006 1:31:30 pm
Visit Number 4,114



Tippler said...

How about 'How To Build A LAGER Gun'?

That would be handy.

Unknown said...

i have one that uses recycled lager

Anonymous said...

And a good rubber too!
Craig, this means War & Piece.

M_Kashif said...

Laser guns are very dangerous weapon, I don’t know what is the reason to invent this kind of dangerous weapon. We are not in the stage of war with aliens, so we need this kind of dangerous guns.

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James White

Anonymous said...

pls. give a hard copy