Monday, September 25, 2006

Our Polls Are Rising!

I'm still searching for new ways to make this site a more fulfilling experience for you, gentle reader. I'm toying with the idea of renaming this blog, even though it's already got a nice enough handle. So, I thought I might take the pulse of my readership:

Do you support the idea of having a poll to choose a new name for this website?
Yes, it's a great idea that helps me feel more a part of the online community
No, your website is not a democracy so why should you trust a bunch of strangers who happen to come across your site?
I really don't care, yet it appears I care enough to choose this answer and click 'vote'
Why, can't you come up with something yourself?
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1 comment:

Tippler said...

How about "Winneker Does Brussels"?

Dunno where I got that idea from...

Anyway, am about to put a link to you from my blog site as a peacemaking gesture.

I do NOT wish to be next in line after the Pakistanis to be 'bombed back into the stoneage'.

Think I may have pissed the Germans off a bit too.

Oh well...


PS How do you lot spell magnesium, calcium, barium, Atomium etc?

Never mind. Peace etc. :-)