Thursday, March 09, 2006

Report from Belarus

An opposition activist in Belarus reports the following, from last night:

According to the press release distributed by the office of the single candidate from the unified Belarusian opposition, Alyaxandr Milinkevich, this morning, after a meeting of Milinkevich with voters in the "Byarestse" cinema theater, five representatives of his team, including Vintsuk Viachorka were held by the police and driven away. The opposition activists might have been beaten. For the moment, it is not clear where they are. Their mobile phones are switched off.

For more information, please go to [links in Belarusian]:

Update: today the source reports that last night the Milinkevich workers "have been found in one of the detention centers in Minsk. A court hearing is supposed to be taking place right now."

For more on the situation in Belarus as the presidential "election" approaches, read this. And this.

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