Monday, March 19, 2007

Watch This Space!

Hi there, I haven't been posting since starting my new job with the Wall Street Journal Europe, where I am now deputy editor of the Weekend Journal. I plan to begin re-posting soon...

Meantime, some fun viewing:


Tippler said...

Thank God for that, CW.

Was getting fed up of looking at what had become a cultural cul-de-sac.

Tippler said...



Anonymous said...

Don't you think it is quite damaging for the reputation of the Wallstreet Journal Europe to employ a TCS guy? or a EuropeanVoice writer? What's wrong with the WSJE? Are they keen on crackpotisme? Did they become a frontend of the services now?

Craig Winneker said...

Wow, it really shows a lot of credibility to question me and my employer in a public forum and not have the couilles to identify yourself. You're so admirable. Wait, I mean, you have zero credibility.

I, however, have been a journalist for 20 years and am proud to work for a fine organization like the Wall Street Journal, which last week won two Pulitzer Prizes, including one for public service. Google me some more, loser, and find out the other jobs I've had and all the articles I've written for publications around the world. It's all out there, and with my name on it, too! Imagine that!

What have you done, "anonymous," besides surf blogs all day, cough up poorly written, unsigned comments, make up ludicrous words like "crackpotisme" and just generally abuse yourself? Not much, I'll bet.

Get a life.

JolietJake said...

CW - why waste words on that loser who doesn't even show his name here? someone you know?

Like your blog but lose that video with the NWA bit, it just isn't funny.

Tippler said...

Oh dear, the loonies are out, eh CW.

Either that or the weather's getting to some of 'em.